Awake Aotearoa, Awake


I sleep, but I shall not sleep much longer.


You crawl on my skin in the night, blanketing the stars I have dreamt beneath with the blankness of your shadow, blackening the deep blue of my covers until they hang like coalsmoke, like pits.

Like the pits you dig into my skin to disturb my dreams and turn them into nightmares. In my sleep I see you destroy and take, guzzle and gnaw through my every work, through every beautiful thing I created before I laid myself to rest, I see…

The havoc you create. The destruction that you wreak.

I feel the poison you inject into my veins. It is like fire, it is like sludge. It bites and burns and slashes at my banks, it poisons my people. You have thrown the waste of your blinded beasts into the blood from my heart.


I am waking. You sleep beneath the smug certainty that you are ruler of this world, but I am waking. I will descend upon you in the night and throw down your door, tear your roof from its shaking and leaking foundations, I will destroy.

Everything that you have created in the image of your insanity, I will destroy.

Every item of your carelessness, of your arrogance, I will shake down. Towers will fall. Monocultured crops will wither. Forests planted in military ranks will burn, I will come. Like the eagle in the night that your ancestors drove from existence by hunting down my benevolent giants I will come, as a shadow on the wind, as a rumble in the earth, as a wrath awakened, I will come.


You laugh, and shake hands before the flaming-cold steel plunged like a brand into my body to wrench from it the jewels of my creation, the liquid testaments of my history. I see you. Your skin is like parchment. Your eyes are an oasis-mirage in the desert. Your feet are encased in the skins of the creatures you cultivate, your body is clothed in the wastes of fields and your own kin. You stuff into your distended stomachs the twisted caricature of food that your laboratories churn out, while children starve in the streets and you deny their existence. Only a monster who could deny their own child would willfully destroy another’s as I have felt you destroying mine. I have felt their pleading and their begging. I have felt their sorrowful hands plucking, poking, clawing at your merciless insincerity as their souls come down to awaken me from my long sleep. To awaken the vengeful mother, the furious father.


I awake, to their screams and their cries. I awake, to their blood and their deaths. I awake to their absence, and I see you.

Tremble beneath your tables, scatter in your concrete streets. I shake off of my skin your puny species and defy your leering confidence, crush your swaggering insolence. I lay waste to your cities and throw down the gauntlet of war for I am now awake.

Let the earthquakes come. Let the fires roar. Let the storms rage, the waves break, the mountains bellow in violence and fire, let the battle commence. It will not be long. It will not be clean.

Obscene. Bloody. Cleansing. Beautiful.
I am come.
You shall be gone.


31 January, 2014